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Pigtronix Limited Warranty:

Your Pigtronix effect pedal comes with a 1 year limited warranty on parts and workmanship. During the warranty period we will repair or replace, at our option, defective parts or pedals free of charge, and return them to the owner. Warranty service does not include damaged, modified, or misused pedals, and such will be subject to a standard repair charge.

What you must do: First, contact us directly via email and describe the problem to us. If the problem cannot be resolved we will have you send your pedal directly to us for servicing.

What we will not do:
 Pay for shipping or transportation charges from you to us, or pay for any international shipping charges.

How to contact us for warranty service:

Tel: (917) 941-2861
Email: info@pigtronix.com

Warranty Limitations:
 This warranty does not cover defects resulting from improper or unreasonable use, accident, unauthorized tampering or modifications; and, warranty shall be considered void if pedal chassis has been opened. Please consult the instructions and warnings in this manual for proper use.

Warranty is only valid if your pedal has been properly registered within 30 days of original purchase date, and upon warranty registration, will be valid for 12 months from original purchase.