Phasing Laswell’s Envelope

I’d heard his work and influence all around, but I’m trying to remember when producer/bassist Bill Laswell actually first showed up on my radar. I suspect it was in the early 90s when an engineer who was recording my band at the time hipped me to the album “Cyclotron” by Blind Idiot God. It was—and […]

This Punch is Spiked

Back in July I visited Nashville for the first time, consuming bourbon, beer and burgers in Broadway bars and soaking up the hurting songs of Merle Haggard and George Jones played by a couple of fantastic, authentic country bands. Both bands repeatedly and pointedly lamented that they were among the few remaining local purveyors of […]

Steve Hunter’s Manhattan Blues

I’m guessing the majority of our blog post readers are guitarists. Right? That would make this an excellent place to gush about the new album by guitar legend Steve Hunter: The Manhattan Blues Project. To refresh your memory, Steve created rock guitar history on classic albums by Alice Cooper and Lou Reed, and has also […]