Pigtronix Power Adapter

18VDC @ 300mA



This is the standard issue, 2.1mm (neg. tip) adapter that comes with every Pigtronix pedal. It has enough juice to power multiple Pigtronix pedals at the same time using a daisy chain.

Since we use massive amounts of filtering within the power section of each Pigtronix pedal, you can use one of these adapters to run multiple Pigtronix stompboxes with no negative impact on noise floor. Check out the FAQ for current draw figures on all of our products.

Additional Info

This 18VDC 300mA supply works for all Pigtronix pedals except:

Dual Expression Pedal – no power required
Original Mothership – 48VDC
Original Disnortion (silver metal jacks) – 9-15VDC
Echolution – 15VDC
Attack Sustain – 15VDC
EP-1 Envelope Phaser – 12VAC