Tap Tempo Analog Delay w/ Modulation


Echolution is the world’s finest delay pedal. A hybrid of analog and digital technology, Echolution’s ethereal tape echo sound can be manipulated by a creative arsenal of features as Pigtronix Echolution drenches your tone in analog goodness with a world class pre-amp driving a pair of proprietary analog tape emulation filters, a hi-cut stage and stereo outputs. The echoes are further massaged by chorus and tremolo modulation.

Independent Tap Tempo and Modulation modes allow you to switch between different sounds on the fly, with a maximum delay time of 12 seconds. A newly updated precision tap tempo algorithm matches the beat with only two stomps while the expression pedal jack allows for external adjustment of delay time.

The Modulation Delay operates over three distinct time ranges, providing easy access to a huge array of delay-based effects. The short setting (10ms-120ms) provides stereo chorus, reverb and slap-back sounds. The medium setting (100ms-1.2sec) covers classic BBD and tape echo territory with lush modulation and rich dub tone. The long setting (1sec- 12sec) allows for epic sound on sound jams, sampling, reverse playback and rhythmic multi-tap patterns.

The Multi-Tap toggle switches introduce any combination of five additional echoes at musical fractions of the master delay time. This is like having up to 6 delay pedals in a parallel! The fractions are be based on quarter note and triplet subdivisions or can be aligned to the Golden Ratio. The Golden Ratio (PHI) is a naturally occurring spiral rhythm that is found throughout the universe. PHI is observed in the shapes of galaxies, DNA and in the work of many great musicians.

Echolution is more than a pedal, it is an electronic instrument that will expand your mind and your music.




In an age where most pedal makers are making variations on vintage designs, Pigtronix is forging new paths while building upon the lessons learned over the history of audio manipulation. They are pushing the sonic envelope while staying true to classic tone. The Echolution goes where no delay has gone before, yet still is the best sounding (non-tape) delay I’ve heard. I just had Dave Friedman put the Echolution in my touring rig. - Richard Fortus with Guns and Roses.



  • Unique Analog / Digital hybrid Architecture
  • Switchable Tap Tempo and Modulation Delay
  • Chorus and Tremolo modulation
  • Reverse and Loop modes with remote Switching
  • 6-Part multi Tap with (Phi) Golden ratio switch
  • Trails switch lets echoes fade naturally after bypass
  • Capable of Self Oscillation without digital clipping
  • True Stereo Outputs
  • Non-Linear Filters provide analog saturation
  • Pigtronix 15VDC power supply included
  • Circuit Design by Howard Davis
  • Sound Design by David Koltai
  • Chassis Size = 7.4” x 4.6” x 1.5”
  • Voltage: 15V DC

Additional Info

Echolution User Manual: Click here to download PDF