D’Angelico II

Overdrive & Dimension Chorus


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The Pigtronix Custom Shop D’Angelico II pedal combines the cascaded gain staging of the Pigtronix FAT overdrive with our spatial “double chorus” quantum modulation effect. The D’Angelico II is voiced to deliver a diverse range of warm analog sounds in an easy to use stompbox format. The tonal palette of this limited run pedal is ideally suited to the range of jazz, blues, funk, roots music favored by musicians who play D’Angelico guitars and basses. The hand-painted Silver Sparkle finish exudes class and style. This handsome D’Angelico II pedal can be played on its own or placed in the FX Loop of the original D’Angelico / Pigtronix pedal as an ideal companion piece.

Overdrive Section
The overdrive in the D’Angelico II is based on the touch sensitive gain found in our FAT Drive pedal. This traditional three knob layout has a surprisingly wide range of overdrive available, from subtle breakup to screaming hot distortion while retaining clarity and tight low end. The range of tones in this custom luxury drive circuit has been tuned to deliver maximum touch sensitivity and low-wattage vintage tube amp flavor.

Modulation Section
The unique spatial modulation found in the D’Angelico II is created by running two analog chorus circuits together in parallel. This double chorus uses a pair of MN3207 Bucket Brigade chips in parallel to achieve a rich dimensional sound. The single knob in the modulation section controls the depth of the effect. A standard low impedance TRS expression pedal can be used to control the Speed of the modulation section.

The 18VDC power supply that is included provides a huge amount of headroom and available output level.



· Cascaded Gain Stage CMOS overdrive

· Dual MN3207 BBD Based “Dimension” Chorus

· TRS Expression pedal jack for Speed Control

· Hand Painted Silver Sparkle Finish

· 18-Volt Power Supply Included

· Circuit design by Howard Davis

· Voiced for D’Angelico by David Koltai