Bernie Worrell Signature Envelope Phaser

Deepest Phaser in the “WOOniverse”



The Pigtronix “Bernie” is a custom designed, hand-painted version of our acclaimed Envelope Phaser pedal. Calibrated to Bernie Worrell’s specs, this custom shop phaser will take you straight to outer space.

Each Bernie Worrell signature phaser comes with a signed glossy of Bernie Worrell. In addition, for every unit purchased, Pigtronix will make a charitable contribution to Bernie Worrell’s “World of Originality” foundation.

The Bernie Worrell Signature Envelope Phaser carries a double manufacturer warranty is available EXCLUSIVELY from Crazy Dave’s Music

The Pigtronix Envelope Phaser pours on the special sauce to take your tone into outer space. Accentuating and sweeping through the harmonics of any musical source, the motion of this revolutionary phase shifter can be controlled by Envelope, LFO or a blend of both.

Envelope Phaser makes it easy to dial in monster envelope tones for any instrument or playing style. This envelope kicks it up a notch with a “Staccato” function that is ideal for fast picking, funk bass and tight rhythm guitar. The Staccato circuit enables an “intelligent envelope” that listens to your playing and quickly discharges the envelope between your notes. This crafty circuit enables incredibly responsive envelope performance, even during rapid fire playing.

Rotary LFO modulation is tunable with depth and center controls that set the frequency range of operation, from subtle swirls to screaming sweeps with a huge range of available speeds. Another crucial addition is the new “LFO smooth” switch, which automatically reduces the resonance setting when the LFO is in use. This performance friendly function finally lets you switch between corpulent, Mutron style quack and deep, swirling Uni-Vibe sounds with a single footswitch stomp.

In addition to its unique voice and interactive modulation section, Envelope Phaser incorporates expression pedals for both SWEEP and SPEED as well as a continuous blend between envelope and LFO modulation. Use the side-chain “trigger” input to manipulate the envelope with any external audio source.

Years of work went into the development of this unique and ridiculously funky device. If you are a musician seeking the ultimate analog phase shifter, this is your ticket to bliss.


"The Pigtronix Envelope Phaser pedal is a definite 'must have' for your Funk recipe adds definite Funkaliciousness to your WOO stew." - Bernie Worrell




  • Custom Bernie Worrell Artwork
  • Includes signed Bernie Worrell Glossy
  • Double Warranty
  • Includes Pigtronix donation to "World of Originality" foundation
  • LFO Modulation with Speed, Depth and Center
  • Blend combines LFO and Envelope signals
  • Envelope travels Up or Down
  • Side-chain Trigger for Beat Sync
  • Intelligent Envelope Response
  • Invert switch for + or - Phase
  • True Bypass
  • Expression Pedal inputs for Sweep and Speed
  • Pigtronix 18VDC adapter included
  • Circuit Design by Howard Davis
  • Sound Design by David Koltai
  • Chassis Size = 5.7” x 4.7” x 1.5”

Additional Info

Bernie Worrell Signature Envelope Phaser User Manual: Click here to download PDF

Artists Using Bernie Worrell Signature Envelope Phaser