Infinity Looper Firmware 218

Firmware Update Instructions

  1. Download the Infinity Looper Firmware 218 file here: fwupdate.dat
  2. Connect the Infinity Looper to a PC or MAC via USB
  3. Open the LOOPERFW folder and delete the old fwupdate.dat file
  4. Drag and drop the new fwupdate.dat file into the LOOPERFW folder, replacing the old copy.
  5. Unplug both USB and 18VDC Power
  6. Press and hold Input Split while plugging the 18VDC Power back in
  7. As the unit powers up, the Display will show the letter “F”
  8. DO NOT UNLPUG the Infinity Looper while “F” is showing on the display.
  9. Once the update process is complete, the unit will automatically reboot and the numbers 218 will flash during power up.

Fade over Multiple Loop Cycles

Press the Stop Mode and Sync Multi buttons at the same time to choose a value between 1 – 9 loop cycles to set fade duration.

New MIDI Commands

  • MIDI CC Ignore Clock Implemented (CC#88)
  • MIDI CC All Erase Implemented (CC#89)

New Midi Map

CC# Function Mapping Style
3 Varispeed Mapped
4 Exp Mapped
7 Global Volume Mapped
9 Loop Aging Mapped
12 Loop 1 Volume Mapped
13 Loop 2 Volume Mapped
17 Stop Mode Switch
19 Series Loops Toggle
20 Input Split Toggle
21 Click Kill 3= No Click Kill, 4 = Click Kill
22 Sync Multi Switch
23 Stop FTSW Switch
24 Loop 1 FTSW Switch
25 Loop 2 FTSW Switch
27 Undo FTSW Switch
28 Reverse FTSW Switch
29 Pitch Up Switch
30 Pitch Down Switch
31 Pitch Recall >0 Triggers
75 Stutter >0 Triggers
76 Erase >0 Triggers
77 Erase+Rec >0 Triggers
78 Reverse >0 Triggers
79 Undo >0 Triggers
80 Stop >0 Triggers
82 Set Multiplier Sets Multiplier (supports up to 127)
83 Erase Other >0 Triggers
85 Preset Decrement >0 Triggers
86 Preset Increment >0 Triggers
87 One Shot >0 Triggers
88 Ignore Midi Clock 0 = Ignore, 1 = Accept MIDI Clock
89 Erase All >0 Triggers

To test things without a Midi Controller you can use a USB->MIDI Interface and a tool like MIDI-OX or MIDI Tools.  MIDI Ox is easier to send exact values, but MIDI Tools allows you to send multiple values more easily.