Tonee Valle is a renowned cellist based in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Although being clasically trained, he has been focused in recent years on exploring other genres such as jazz and experimental soundscapes. His primary projects are Violoncheloops (www.violoncheloops.com), a LiveLooping project where every sound is produced with the cello, be it electric or acoustic; and Punto de Fuga (www.puntodefugamx.com), which he recently joined.

Violoncheloops is one of the most emotive and exciting live looping experiences. Tonee uses his electric cello as his only sound source to create soundscapes and melodies that take you on an emotional rollercoaster that never disappoints. Violoncheloops’ sound might be best described as chamber ambient electronica; there are no explicit drum beats here but the rhythm is clearly heard as Tonee masterfully weaves pads and then adds beautifully expressive melodies that invite introspection. Tonee is equally at home playing well-rehearsed songs and improvising new ones; it’s a pleasure to get lost in the songs recorded on his latest EP, but nothing matches the full blow of watching him live.

Punto de Fuga is a Mexican Post-Rock/Math-Rock band, formed in 2011, mainly seeking to explore instrumental soundscapes and melodic textures. It was originally born through exploration of different instrumentations.