Tim Motzer

Guitarist/improviser Tim Motzer lives in a technicolor world of music for his distinct textural guitar voice utilizing looping, bowing, electronics, and prepared techniques. He is recognized by Prepared Guitar (Madrid, Spain) in their list of top 100 modern guitarists worldwide. After 20 years of world touring, stunning collaborations, and over 70 albums of credits, this Philadelphia-based guitarist continues to traverse manifold territories in music. In 2016, Tim toured the world playing concerts and jazz festivals with Bandit 65, a trio he co-leads with guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel and drummer Gintas Janusonis. He has collaborated with numerous musical luminaries: David Sylvian, Burnt Friedman, Jaki Liebezeit, poet Ursula Rucker, King Britt, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Markus Reuter, and Pat Mastelotto among others. In November 2015, he composed and performed a live score with choreographer Olivier Tarpaga, and improvised with Japanese dancers, Shoko Kashima, Chico Katsube, and pianist Rico in Tokyo. In May 2016, he performed a solo guitar score for Won Kim and dancers at MODAFE over two sold-out nights at the Arko Arts Theatre in Seoul, South Korea; in addition he improvised with choreographer/dancer Sung-im Her at SDC. He composes for film and video, and is a composer/accompanist for University of the Arts Dance in Philadelphia. He releases his genre-defying solo work and collaborations on his 1k Recordings label. As a leader, his projects include Orion Tango, Goldbug, Instant Takemitsu, & Tim Motzer SOLO.

Extended bio/discography: http://1krecordings.com/artists/tim-motzer
Recordings: 1krecordings.bandcamp.com
Guitar Player Magazine interview: http://www.guitarplayer.com/artists/1013/tim-motzer/11632
Prepared Guitar: 13 Questions interview: http://preparedguitar.blogspot.com/2014/02/tim-motzer-13-questions.html


“I use the Infinity every single day whether playing Solo or Duo concerts, or working with choreographers and dancers at uArts in Philadelphia. It is an incredible creative compositional tool that has enhanced and changed my looping life. It’s opened up even more creative potential with long looping time, the ability to save loops, AUX out for FOH, and soon to have vari-speed continuous control! It’s an amazing looper! What else can I say!? I love it!”