russ sargeant

Russ Sargeant

UK bassist Russ Sargeant uses his instruments, along with technology and effects, to create beautiful, layered music.

Russ’ work has been described as “wonderfully immersive” and “subtle layers of sound that emerge gracefully like cinematic soundtracks”.

Russ writes and performs solo (not as much as he’d like!), collaborates with other artists from time to time, and is often asked to record as a session bass player. He also plays bass for UK original pop/rock band, The Mechanical Hearts.

“I love using technology to create music. I’m an experimental musician and enjoy discovering new sounds and techniques. The wonderful Infinity Looper by Pigtronix is an integral part of my setup. I use multiple loopers, and the Infinity sits after my hardware effects, but before my software. This allows me to create loops at different stages of the chain giving me plenty of scope and allowing for happy accidents! The ability of the Infinity to sync via MIDI is so fantastic and allows me to send time code from Ableton Live. Add to this even being able to set the time signature using the shipped software, and you have a winning combination. Everything stays perfectly synchronized. I’m still exploring the Infinity—multiple loops, pitch, feedback, reverse, multiple outputs… so far, it’s living up to its name. I wouldn’t be without it.”