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Multiple Mono

Electronic duo Multiple Mono (Rob Paterson & Colin Kasprowicz) is a New York-based live act whose music redefines genres while drawing influence from the most familiar sounds of everyday life. Equally at home in the darkest warehouse or most intimate lounge, Multiple Mono understands that all sound holds untapped potential, so they utilize a wide array of electronics and instrumentation to create a unique marriage of both the analog and digital realms. This dedication to sound design and musicality can be seen in every aspect of their performances, from their ongoing residency with Jojo Mayer’s Nerve to afterhours DJ sets in the heart of Brooklyn. As prolific recording artists, label credits include Little Helpers & Alphahouse (USA), Ricochet (London), Minus12 (Berlin) as well as local Brookyln/NYC outfits NOSI Music and Jyre Records, and their music has been sold and mixed worldwide. If you think you’ve heard it all, keep listening.

“The Infinity Looper, like so many other Pigtronix boxes, allows us to utilize the precision and ease of the digital realm while maintaining the warmth of our analog signal path for live performances. If there’s a limit to what this pedal can do for the electronic musician, we’ve yet to discover it—and we haven’t stopped trying!”