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Liam Tillyer

London-based musician Liam Tillyer is a highly regarded electric bass player and session musician. Having cultivated his craft from an early age, Liam always makes a dynamic statment on his musical engagements. It’s his virtuous commitment to his instrument which is integral to his approach to music.

Liam’s comments on the first video (“Polaris”) above:
“In this particular video the Infinity is midi-synced to timecode with some percussion loops in my DAW. Although I usually use the Sync Multi settings, I set loop 1 to be independent of loop 2 for this. This allowed complete control over the length of each loop, but as they were synced to timecode they remained synced with one another. I employ the use of the remote switch a lot which allows me to go straight into overdub mode, which I love–I always try to use the Infinity to get me as quickly as possible into the composition; it has many features to help accomplish this. It’s the most musical of loopers for sure, which gives me the ability to expand on an idea instantly, and dare I say, ‘infinitely’. P.S I absolutely love the reverse and stop fade features!”