Eugenio Polacchini

Eugenio Polacchini and Matteo Minozzi, the Bruskers Guitar Duo, have been defined “two leading figures in the motley world of guitar” and “a source of inspiration for guitarists”. Molded by the classical (Eugenio) and modern (Matteo) music worlds, they use jazz as a common ground and their repertoire covers traditional jazz standards and soundtracks in addition to original songs.

Based in Modena, Italy, the Bruskers have been invited to international guitar festivals such as Acoustic Franciacorta, Plovdiv International Guitar Festival, Sarzana Acoustic Guitar Meeting, Madame Guitar Festival, Pizzicar de Corda, Arte a 6 Corde, San Benedetto Guitar Festival. They have also performed in theaters, auditoriums, and summer festivals.

Ever since they began playing together in 2003, the duo has recorded two albums for the label “Fingerpicking.net”: “Guitar Sketch” (2009) and “Addition” (2011). Both records have been sold in all European countries, America and Japan, receiving many praises from Italian and foreign music press.

The Bruskers Guitar Duo has played in Italy, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Hungary and Portugal as a duo or as soloists in the Lybra Guitar Orchestra. Besides their concert activity, Eugenio and Matteo are also guitar teachers.

Matteo Minozzi and Eugenio Polacchini are the artistic directors of the “LybrAcustica Guitar Festival”, a series of concerts that combine classical and modern musicians.

“The Infinity Looper is a fabulous tool for stimulating creativity. Its many features make it an absolutely complete pedal, and its extraordinary sound quality preserves every nuance of my nylon-string guitar.”