Loop Aging February 17, 2015

Press and hold Input Split for 2 seconds to enter the Loop Aging Menu. The digit will flash between “A” and “-” indicating that Loop Aging is currently turned off. Turn the rotary encoder to select the desired Loop Aging value.

Digits (0-9) represent variable feedback decay. The lower the number, the faster the loop decays. For example a “0” means no feedback, so an overdub disappears after one playback cycle.

“-” shows that Loop Aging is turned off.

Press down on the encoder (or push Input Split again) to finalize the value you want and exit the Loop Aging menu.

Like everything else on the Infinity, Loop Aging happens in real time, so you can turn Loop Aging on and off (or adjust it with expression pedal) as much as you want throughout the course of a single loop cycle.

To enable Expression Pedal control of the feedback value, select “A” from the Expression Pedal Assignment Menu (page 40). For more information on Expression Pedal Loop Aging control see Expression Pedal Functions, \pageref{expr}.

You can enter the Loop Aging menu at any time, even during playback.

Loop Aging settings will be saved when you save your preset.

Undo works as expected, allowing you to Undo or Redo any Loop Aging that you let happen during an overdub, no matter how many times you let the loop cycle.

Loop Aging only takes place when you are in an Overdub state, and only applies to the armed loop. When you are in normal playback, the loop does not decay.

Ben Artes