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Infinity Looper:

infinityabouttiltPigtronix Infinity is the world’s most musical looping pedal. Simple to operate, yet tremendously powerful and flexible, the Infinity Looper from Pigtronix sets a new world standard for latency-free looping. Our state-of-the-art looping platform provides instantaneous record, playback, dub, undo and redo, on two stereo loop pairs that can be configured in several ways. On top of superior speed and a unique, performance friendly feature set, Infinity Looper sounds downright incredible thanks to its discreet analog limiter stages, transparent analog pass-through and 24 bit / 48 kHz HD recording engine.

Infinity’s innovative “SYNC MULTI” mode provides a multiplier function allowing the length of Loop 2 to be 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 times the length of Loop 1. The two loops can also be run out of sync or even in SERIES, for verse / chorus song structures. Ninja style input split mode assigns Input 1 to Loop 1 and Input 2 to Loop 2, effectively allowing performers to record and overdub separate instruments on separate loops, into isolated amps simultaneously.

The Pigtronix Infinity also provides a long awaited AUX Loop output intended to send looped audio to stage monitors. This is especially helpful for drummers to hear and stay in time. An expression pedal jack for Loop Volume allows hands-free control of the overall audio output. We thought of everything and kept only the F.A.T.

MIDI input for beat clock sync causes loop start and stop points to obey Pro Tools or any other DAW / sequencer that outputs MIDI. The Infinity’s USB access allows you to transfer your music to a computer at full 24bit, 48kHz resolution for further mixing, mastering or immediate publication. We have also implemented audio upload with automatic format conversion, allowing you to upload virtually any digital audio file onto the Infinity Looper.

THE MUST-HAVE PIGTRONIX pedal for any musician. The Infinity Looper will inspire compositional depth and engaging performances; it is the ultimate practice and performance tool for every style of music.

Remote Switch:


The Infinity Remote Switch is a dual momentary switch designed to complement the Infinity Looper pedal. Unleashing the full potential of the Pigtronix Infinity Looper, this compact remote switch provides access to UNDO / REDO and REVERSE functionality as well as a few other hidden features.


When an overdub is in the process of being recorded (Loop LED is orange), pressing the UNDO switch will cause the Infinity to permanently erase that overdub at the end of the current loop cycle. Any material from previous overdubs that has already been merged with the initial recording will not be undone.
When an overdub has been recorded and closed (Loop LED is green), pressing the UNDO switch will remove that overdub instantly and retains the overdub for REDO if desired. Any material from previous overdubs that has already been merged with the initial recording will not be undone.


– Pressing the REVERSE button means that REVERSE playback will be started at the beginning of the next loop cycle. Pressing REVERSE also works during the initial recording of a loop.
– Once you are in REVERSE playback, pressing the REVERSE button means that playback will go forwards at the beginning of the next loop cycle.
– Once you are in REVERSE playback, you can use the UNDO switch to flip flop back and forth between forwards and reverse versions of the same layer instantly.
– Hitting REVERSE and then UNDO before the end of the loop cycle will cancel the REVERSE command.

Rec –> Overdub –> Play:

In response to numerous customer requests, we have implemented a feature that allows you to go directly from recording the base layer, straight into overdub mode. Once you have started the base layer recording, simply press the UNDO switch to close your initial loop and go straight into playback with overdub active. Press the appropriate Loop footswitch as you normally would to close the overdub when desired and begin regular playback.

Instant Clear:

When one or both loops are stopped, hitting UNDO will trigger an instant erase of the currently armed loop. This lets you simply leave the unit in ALL mode and retain the option to clear individual loops by pressing the UNDO switch after the desired loop has been stopped.


To activate Varispeed mode, press and hold the REVERSE switch for two seconds. Depending on the sample rate used during loop recording, Varispeed can play back loops up or down any interval from a minor second to a perfect octave. The default Interval selection is one octave, enabling REVERSE and UNDO to double-speed and half-speed recorded audio respectively.


  • 2 Stereo Loops with Sync
  • Loop 2 Multiplier x1, x2, x3, x4, x6
  • Series or Parallel Looping Modes
  • 50 presets (100 loops)
  • 24bit / 48kHz recording
  • Latency Free Looping
  • Analog pass through of clean tone
  • USB access to saved loops
  • Supports upload of virtually ANY audio format via USB
  • Input Split for recording separate instruments on each loop
  • Remote switch for UNDO/REDO, REVERSE, Rec>Overdub>Play, Instant Clear and Varispeed control
  • Supports 256 (or more) overdubs per loop
  • Aux Loop Out for Drum Monitor
  • Expression Pedal for Loop audio volume, Loop Aging and Varispeed control
  • Active MIDI Beat Clock Sync
  • Complete MIDI control of all functions
  • Varispeed (pitch up & down) via MIDI or remote control
  • REVERSE Playback
  • Rec --> Play --> Overdub
  • Rec --> Overdub --> Play
  • Variable Feedback Decay (aka Loop aging)
  • All commands are instantaneous
  • Stutter Mode
  • 5 Stop Modes for flexible performance options
  • 18VDC power supply included
  • USB-A to microUSB cable included
  • Chassis Size = 7.4” x 4.6” x 1.5”
  • Voltage: 18V DC
  • Current Draw: 200mA @ 18V



Version Download Instructions
2.18 Use the looper application above to update your infinity looper using this firmware file.

Firmware Update Instructions:

1. Download the Infinity Looper Firmware 218 file here: fwupdate.dat
2. Connect the Infinity Looper to a PC or MAC via USB
3. Open the LOOPERFW folder and delete the old fwupdate.dat file
4. Drag and drop the new fwupdate.dat file into the LOOPERFW folder, replacing the old copy.
5. Unplug both USB and 18VDC Power
6. Press and hold Input Split while plugging the 18VDC Power back in
7. As the unit powers up, the Display will show the letter “F”
8. DO NOT UNLPUG the Infinity Looper while “F” is showing on the display.
9. Once the update process is complete, the unit will automatically reboot and the numbers 218 will flash during power up.

Infinity Applications:

OS Download Instructions
Mac OSX Link to Mac Instructions
Windows Save this and unzip it into the PC folder of the Infinity's USB Drive. After the download completes, run UpdateApplication.bat to download and update the Pigtronix-Infinity Application.
For more details please see the Pigtronix Infinity PC Application details.


Infinity Looper Midi Map
Function MIDI CC# Mapping Style
3 Varispeed Mapped
4 Exp Mapped
7 Global Volume Mapped
9 Loop Aging Mapped
12 Loop 1 Volume Mapped
13 Loop 2 Volume Mapped
17 Stop Mode Switch
19 Series Loops Toggle
20 Input Split Toggle
21 Click Kill 3= No Click Kill 4 = Click Kill
22 Sync Multi Switch
23 Stop FTSW Switch
24 Loop 1 FTSW Switch
25 Loop 2 FTSW Switch
27 Undo FTSW Switch
28 Reverse FTSW Switch
29 Pitch Up Switch
30 Pitch Down Switch
31 Pitch Recall >0 Triggers
75 Stutter >0 Triggers
76 Erase >0 Triggers
77 Erase+Rec >0 Triggers
78 Reverse >0 Triggers
79 Undo >0 Triggers
80 Stop >0 Triggers
82 Set Multiplier Sets Multiplier (supports up to 127)
83 Erase Other >0 Triggers
85 Preset Decrement >0 Triggers
86 Preset Increment >0 Triggers
87 One Shot >0 Triggers
88 Ignore Midi Clock 0 = Ignore 1 = Accept MIDI Clock
89 Erase All >0 Triggers

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