Pigtronix FAQs

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Yes. In fact, just one of the 18VDC 300mA power supplies that comes with every Pigtronix pedal has enough current to power almost our entire line.

Use the current draw table below and add up the current draw for all of the pedals you are trying to daisy chain and make sure it does not exceed 300mA per chain.

The power supply filtering in Pigtronix pedals is extensive, allowing you to daisy chain Pigtronix effect without noise problems or interference.

Pigtronix recommends the Godlyke 11pin Rt. Angle Daisy Chain. If you don’t need all 11pins, then just cut it to size or buy the 5 lead version


Model Voltage Range Current Draw @9V Current Draw @18V
Aria 9-18V DC 13mA 19mA
Attack Sustain 15V DC
Bass FAT Drive  9-18V DC 35mA 125mA
Bass Envelope Phaser  9-18V DC 40mA
Bass Station 18V DC 40mA
Class A Boost 9-18V DC 2mA
Disnortion 9-18V DC 34mA 140mA
Echolution 15V DC
Echolution 2 18V DC 300mA
EP-1 Envelope Phaser 12V AC
EP2 Envelope Phaser 18V DC 35mA
EXP Dual Expression N/A
FAT Drive  9-18V DC 38mA 120mA
Gatekeeper 18V DC 17mA
Infinity Looper 18V DC 200mA
Keymaster 9-18V DC 25mA
Mothership (18V) 18V DC 120mA
Mothership (48V) 48V DC
Philosopher King 18V DC 55mA
Philosopher’s Rock 9-18V DC 11mA 15mA
Philosopher’s Tone 9-18V DC 13mA @ 12V 16mA
Philosopher Bass Compressor  9-18V DC 11mA 15mA
PolySaturator 18V DC 44mA 150mA
Quantum 18V DC 30mA 37mA
Rototron 18V DC 75mA
Tremvelope 18V DC 40mA



Its all about experimentation and finding your own sound. That said, here is a good starting point if you want to hook together every Pigtronix pedal in a row:

Philsopher’s Tone –> Mothership –> Philosopher King –> Aria –> PolySaturator –> Disnortion –> Envelope Phaser –> Class A Boost –> Echolution –> Tremvelope

Of course, the Keymaster opens up many more possibilities for parallel mixing and FX loops that contain multiple effects in a chain.

Tip = Wiper
Ring = Toe
Heel = Sleeve

Low Impedance (5-100K)

Same standard as Moog and Roland

The only exception is the Philosopher King, which uses high impedance (500K – 1M) mono control for the SWELL and FADE functions.

No, Pigtronix pedals do not have a battery option. If you absolutely must use a battery with one of our 9 volt approved pedals, then we recommend a 2.1mm to battery connector



The Pigtronix Space Pig (a.k.a. “Marvin”) was drawn by the multi-talented graphic artist, Verne Andru.

Check out more of his work here: