Craig Brodhead 2

Craig Brodhead

Craig Brodhead is a guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter and producer and part of the Brooklyn funk outfit Turkuaz. Equally at home holding down a rhythm section or delving into exploratory improvisation, he continues to make a name for himself from relentless touring and numerous collaborations.

“I was an early adopter of the original Echolution (I’m very proud to have serial number 0001!) but I couldn’t be happier with the E2. I probably only use 1% of what it can do on a given night, but it just has all the features that I look for in an intense, professional music setting. My favorite feature is something small, but really obvious that almost no delay pedals have–an expression pedal input to control its various functions. I even use it for the most boring thing: wet/dry mix. But this is CRUCIAL. I play really rhythmic music, and if the delays get too crazy it’ll throw everyone’s groove off, so I ride the expression and find just the right parts to let the delay trails out. It’s a serious tool. Whenever I have time I try to sit down with it and learn some new tricks and make some new presets, the possibilities are truly endless. Once you start digging in, your brain just starts percolating with all the possibilities, very much the same way I feel when I’m in front of a vintage synthesizer. But when it comes time to hit the stage, I’ve got my little remote switch to hit my four favorite presets. Did I mention it sounds gorgeous? It’s pretty damn close to perfect and I’m excited to spend the decade getting to make amazing music with it.”