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Pigtronix bass pedal trio reviewed by Bass Guitar


The UK’s Bass Guitar Magazine plugged into all three Pigtronix bass pedals and weighed in.
Bass FAT Drive: “A tube sound is the basis of the drive tone, with that recognisable warm softness at the core of the various sounds you can coax out of the unit… with the tubey sound of a wholly accurate representation of the noise made by the old glowing valves.”
Philosopher Bass Compressor: “A rather impressive pedal that offers a range of useful options.”
Bass Envelope Phaser: “a gizmo that adds ‘the funk’ to your bass sound in a seriously powerful way that no words con the printed page can possibly describe.”

Pigtronix Bass Pedals Bass Guitar Mag 2015

Infinity Looper and Envelope Phaser in Guitar Interactive


Guitar Interactive’s Tom Quayle plugged in to the Infinity Looper and the Envelope Phaser, and gives readers the lowdown!

“If you need the most fully featured and best sounding looper out there then the Infinity Looper will definitely get your pulse racing and your creative juices flowing.”

“The Pigtronix Envelope Phaser is a fantastic piece of kit that is both inspiring and fun to use… Versatile, great sounding and well made, this is a phaser pedal worthy of any pedal board out there.”

Pigtronix Guitar Interactive review issue 34

Infinity Looper review in MusicTech

MusicTech Infinity

MusicTech magazine checked out the Infinity Looper and published an excellent review.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The Infinity Looper is an excellent bit of kit that definitely brings something new to the looping table. The ability to record synchronized dual loop audio from separate sources and run the unit via MIDI means it’s a real looping solution for bands. The 24-bit/48 kHz recording spec means the unit sounds great, so it’s very hard to tell the difference between live and looped playing, and recordings are virtually noise-free. While you can get into the unit’s basics pretty quickly you do need to study the manual—thankfully this is well written and the information is easy to access. The Infinity has a well laid out and fully featured interface and all the right sorts of connections to make it an extremely musical, practical and flexible solution.”

For the full review, click HERE.

Guitarist reviews six Pigtronix pedals, gives award to Keymaster

guitarist may yes
UK’s Guitarist magazine has published a generous roundup of SIX Pigtronix pedals in its May 2015 issue:
Tremvelope (“Cool tremolo with an extra layer of nuanced expression”)
FAT Drive (“A nice-sounding overdrive with two levels of gain”)
Keymaster (“Invaluable in the studio and something that could add real flexibility to your pedalboard”)
Guitarist also chose Keymaster for its “Guitarist Choice” award!
Gate Keeper (“An open and shut case for cleaning up your sound”)
Rototron (“Rotary speaker sim with all the foot control you’d ever need”)
Philosopher King (“A great choice for bringing something new to your sonic palette”)

Check out the full review here.

Infinity looper reviewed in Guitar & Bass

UK’s Guitar and Bass magazine has reviewed the Infinity looper, finding that it “takes things to a whole new level.”

pig infinity review

Check out the full review here
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Echolution 2 Deluxe and Philosopher’s Tone reviewed in Guitar Interactive

GI 1
Guitar Interactive has reviewed the Echolution 2 Deluxe and the Philosopher’s Tone.

The review calls the E2D “a pedal that can’t really be improved” and says that the Philosopher’s Tone offers “incredibly rich tone that is criminally addictive.”

Check out the full review here
Check out the full magazine here (review on page 118)

Guitar World gives Rototron its Gold Award

Guitar World took Rototron for a spin and decided it deserved their esteemed GOLD AWARD.

gw sq

A lot of pedals—from phasers and vibes to so-called rotary effects—approximate the sounds of a rotating speaker cabinet, but it’s rare that one can nail the sound, performance and quirks of the genuine Leslie cabinets used to great effect on recordings by the Beatles, Peter Frampton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and many others. The Pigtronix Rototron is the latest contender, and it comes much closer to the authentic experience of playing through a Leslie cabinet than any stomp box yet.

Most rotating speaker pedals sound good, but I don’t know of any that perform as close to a genuine Leslie as the Rototron. The overall effect is thick, warm and chewy, with an unmistakable combination of phase shifting, chorus and tremolo that replicates the true Doppler effect of a rotating speaker. The ramp and brake effects are the coolest, and they expand the pedal’s creative potential beyond the usual swirling and gurgling underwater sounds. The rotating speaker effect sounds dead perfect and uncannily threedimensional when each output is connected to a separate amp. All that’s missing is the squeak of a poorly lubricated motor.

Read the full review HERE

Bass Musician magazine reviews the Philosopher Bass Compressor

Bass Musician magazine has given the Philosopher Bass Compressor a rave review:

“I’ve used many different compressors, some good, some bad, but none like this. If I was to only have one pedal in my setup, (I currently have three, a chorus, fuzz, and preamp), this would be the pedal. Why? Simple to use, but still does a lot, even though it is “only” a compressor. The five basics on this pedal are volume, compression, sustain, a toggle switch for grit, and lets not forget the engage toggle switch for on/off functionality. I’ve used the Pigtronix Philosopher Bass Compressor on a couple different gigs, one in a small club, and the other at an outdoor festival. I couldn’t have asked for more, as the pedal fit everything I needed. With the compression and sustain, I was able to actually turn my chorus off, as I only use a small amount just to “round” out the notes a little. With the grit function, I was able to remove my fuzz pedal, and still get the amount of dirt I needed. The grit function of this pedal is one of the features that make it different from the other compressors on the market and gives a subtle distortion that really stands out.

The volume knob is just that, and the compression knob goes you a blend of both dry signal and compression. Lastly, the sustain knob goes from very subtle sustain to practically hanging on forever until you chose to stop it. One thing I noticed with the sustain, unlike other compressors, especially at the festival is that it did not affect notes played that I did not hang onto, it only applied sustain where I wanted, evenly, and until I let it go. Increasing the sustain also gave me affect if I held the note long enough, I got a small amount of feedback, which I really liked, especially at the end of a tune. Keep in mind, I was outdoors, and my rig was fairly loud. For the small club gig, I did use the supplied 18 volt adapter, and for the outdoor festival, I just added it to my pedalboard and connected it as 9 volt. I did notice a small difference in the operation between 18 and 9 volt, but nothing that really stood out or even seemed to affect the performance of the pedal. The  Pigtronix Philosopher Bass Compressor is really making me rethink my current setup and could easily replace two of my current pedals. Click to listen to some of the audio samples and you may end up doing the same.”

Here’s a link to the review: http://bassmusicianmagazine.com/2014/09/pigtronix-philosopher-bass-compressor-review

Rototron wins Guitar Player Editors’ Pick Award


Guitar Player magazine has given Rototron its Editors’ Pick award in the October 2014 issue.

Here’s an excerpt: “The Rototron sounds superb through a single amp, and utterly divine through two. It captures that multi-dimensional rotary speaker sound extremely accurately, while being capable of some trippy and ethereal sounds when you get creative with the knobs. The Rototron’s tone is rich and lush throughout its range, and the control parameters offer sky’s-the-limit flexibility that behooves much exploration… for tone, flexibility, and sheer inventiveness, the Rototron earns an Editors’ Pick Award.”

Read the full review here: RototronGPReview

For more information on Rototron (including audio and video), visit the Rototron product page.

David Koltai and Pigtronix Design Team Inducted into Guitar Player Hall of Fame

David Koltai, Howard Davis and Ray Heasman have been inducted into the Guitar Player Hall of Fame. This unexpected honor makes David Koltai the youngest person ever to receive this prestigious award.

Click Here for the PDF

Dimebag Darrell Scholarship Fund & Nashville Dog Rescue

Bid on a Pigtronix Class A Boost pedal for some great causes~ Guys – throw this Class A Boost in the FX loop of your Metal Amp, and thank me later.


These days as schools throughout America are forced to close their Musical programs kids in uncounted numbers are missing their potential to become the talented musicians of our future.

RIDE FOR DIME is a federally sanctioned 501 (C) 3 charity organization benefiting several different like minded causes in honor of the late great DIMEBAG DARRELL ABBOTT the former guitarist of the bands DAMAGEPLAN and PANTERA.

Dime was the kind of person that was able to connect with millions of fans world wide with his kind heart and extraordinary musical abilities. Unfortunately hes was taken from us on December 8th 2004 in a senseless act of violence.

Since then some of the people closest to him have created ” RIDE FOR DIME” to raise money in his name and give back to the thing that enriched his short life so greatly…..Music.

Little Kids Rock Foundation provides classrooms with the instruments and funding that it takes to keep their music programs alive. ultimately giving kids an outlet to showcase their talents.

The Darrell Abbott Scholarship Fund helps deserving kids pursue their musical dreams and education.

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Pigtronix Class A Boost & Quantum Time Modulator Demo Video from Ryan “Fluff” Bruce

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“View from the Top” – Music Inc. magazine interview with David Koltai from Pigtronix

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