D’Angelico Guitars Acquires Supro USA and Pigtronix

D’Angelico Guitars Acquires Supro USA and Pigtronix

NEW YORK—June 16th, 2020—In a deal that aligns several New York-based brands, D’Angelico Guitars has acquired Supro USA and Pigtronix. With a shared heritage as reignited legacy brands, D’Angelico Guitars and Supro have collaborated as a guitar and amp pairing in their marketing efforts for years. “We have always had a deep appreciation for Supro’s products and brand,” says […]

Pigtronix bass pedal trio reviewed by Bass Guitar

The UK’s Bass Guitar Magazine plugged into all three Pigtronix bass pedals and weighed in. Bass FAT Drive: “A tube sound is the basis of the drive tone, with that recognisable warm softness at the core of the various sounds you can coax out of the unit… with the tubey sound of a wholly accurate […]

Infinity Looper and Envelope Phaser in Guitar Interactive

Guitar Interactive’s Tom Quayle plugged in to the Infinity Looper and the Envelope Phaser, and gives readers the lowdown! “If you need the most fully featured and best sounding looper out there then the Infinity Looper will definitely get your pulse racing and your creative juices flowing.” “The Pigtronix Envelope Phaser is a fantastic piece […]

Infinity Looper review in MusicTech

MusicTech magazine checked out the Infinity Looper and published an excellent review. Here’s an excerpt: “The Infinity Looper is an excellent bit of kit that definitely brings something new to the looping table. The ability to record synchronized dual loop audio from separate sources and run the unit via MIDI means it’s a real looping […]

Pigtronix at Sweetwater Gearfest this weekend

This weekend (June 12-13) is the Sweetwater Sound Gearfest in Fort Wayne, Indiana! Guitarists ‪Teddy Kumpel‬ and Saul Zonana will be representing Pigtronix. Teddy will also be playing the headlining show in the Sweetwater Performance Center with LOOPestra featuring Shawn Pelton on drums and Andy Hess on bass. If you’re in the area, you will […]

Guitarist reviews six Pigtronix pedals, gives award to Keymaster

UK’s Guitarist magazine has published a generous roundup of SIX Pigtronix pedals in its May 2015 issue: Tremvelope (“Cool tremolo with an extra layer of nuanced expression”) FAT Drive (“A nice-sounding overdrive with two levels of gain”) Keymaster (“Invaluable in the studio and something that could add real flexibility to your pedalboard”) Guitarist also chose […]

Guitar World gives Rototron its Gold Award

Guitar World took Rototron for a spin and decided it deserved their esteemed GOLD AWARD. A lot of pedals—from phasers and vibes to so-called rotary effects—approximate the sounds of a rotating speaker cabinet, but it’s rare that one can nail the sound, performance and quirks of the genuine Leslie cabinets used to great effect on […]

Rototron wins Guitar Player Editors’ Pick Award

Guitar Player magazine has given Rototron its Editors’ Pick award in the October 2014 issue. Here’s an excerpt: “The Rototron sounds superb through a single amp, and utterly divine through two. It captures that multi-dimensional rotary speaker sound extremely accurately, while being capable of some trippy and ethereal sounds when you get creative with the […]

Evan’s Echolution Evolution

It hasn’t happened yet—but if anyone were ever to ask me who I felt best represented a “modern bass player” in 2014, I’d pick Brooklyn-based Evan Marien. Evan is a great example for anyone who lives and works in this new world of the professional musician. In this place, the “music industry” is no longer […]

Multiple Mono debut release for UK’s Ricochet Records

New York’s live electronica duo Multiple Mono have brought Rob Paterson’s bizarre sonic experiments to life since 2005. Although active in the local dance scene, Rob and collaborator Colin Kasprowicz’s work is far from any insecure dance music conventions, the character of their independent musical universe strengthened by the fact Rob escaped the claustrophobia of […]

Big Sounds from Little Big Town

Chart-topping, award-winning country group Little Big Town is on a huge tour that’s taking them to arenas across North America until next February. Their hit single “Pontoon” (from their fifth album Tornado, released last year) won them the Best Country Duo/Group Performance Grammy, single of the year at the CMAs, and Music Video of the […]

Phasing Laswell’s Envelope

I’d heard his work and influence all around, but I’m trying to remember when producer/bassist Bill Laswell actually first showed up on my radar. I suspect it was in the early 90s when an engineer who was recording my band at the time hipped me to the album “Cyclotron” by Blind Idiot God. It was—and […]

This Punch is Spiked

Back in July I visited Nashville for the first time, consuming bourbon, beer and burgers in Broadway bars and soaking up the hurting songs of Merle Haggard and George Jones played by a couple of fantastic, authentic country bands. Both bands repeatedly and pointedly lamented that they were among the few remaining local purveyors of […]

Bakithi Kumalo, from Graceland to Guitar Center

Like most bass players I know who learned to play in the 1980s, when I heard the bass playing on Paul Simon’s Graceland album (released in 1986), my conception of bass opened up a whole lot wider. Here was a guy, at the time unknown, playing horn-like melodies with this really cool, fluid bass sound […]

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