Infinity Looper Firmware 135 and PC / Mac Applications Update

Infinity Looper Firmware Build 135 Can be found here Updated Infinity Looper Applications can be found here   NEW Features: – Added Ignore MIDI Notes Flag in Global Settings to turn off MIDI Note Support, App Only – MIDI support now works with audio which was NOT recorded on the Infinity or transferred between Infinity & […]

MASSIVE firmware update and NEW application for Echolution 2

Click Here to Download the latest firmware for your Pigtronix Echolution 2 and Echolution 2 Deluxe Click Here to Download the Echolution 2 Application Version 2.0 This new application and firmware allows expression pedal and envelope control of all knobs, simultaneously, with user definable heel and toe settings as well as independent envelope inversion, strength […]

Infinity Firmware Build 120 – Mac App and MIDI Fixes

Firmware Build 120 can be found here. MIDI is now set to 4/4 Time (Until Next Week’s Time Signature Support is added) Issues with MIDI Synchronization have been resolved.  Actions will no longer occasionally occur a MIDI Beat late.   The brand new Mac application is located here.  It includes all of the features that […]

Echolution 2 Firmware Update

Click Here for Echolution 2 Firmware Ver. 71 New Features: * Taps “teleport” when loading presets. This is helpful for seamless transitions between vastly different sounds. * Switching in and out of TAPE mode is now silent * Holding down rotary switch during boot sets MIDI channel. * MIDI Bug that would see other MIDI channel’s […]

New Infinity Looper 2.0 Firmware, Application and Manual

Here is a link to a NEW Infinity Looper firmware Ver. 2.0 BETA (version 118): Reversing very short loops (less than 2.5 sec) can cause weirdness. Here is a link to the new version of the Infinity Looper Ver. 2.0 application (PC only): MAC version and more Infinity Looper application updates to come soon… […]


Here is a BETA version of the long awaited Infinity Looper massive firmware update: Please SAVE YOUR LOOPS NOW as this complete firmware overhaul will BLOW AWAY all of the pre-recorded material on your machine. New features include: Active MIDI Sync 10ms Minimum Loop Time 50 Presets (100 loops) Vari-Speed mode w/ Remote Control […]

Infinity Looper Firmware Info

Each Infinity Looper firmware update stands on its own. You DO NOT need to install previous versions. 10ms minimum loop time is now standard on all Infinity Looper firmware updates starting with yesterday’s firmware (#105) phase-locked MIDI Beat Clock Sync. Updates to come that will expand to 100 loops (50 presets), vari-speed, stutter and more. Thanks, […]

MIDI Sync BETA code

FINALLY… here we have new BETA firmware that achieves phase-locked MIDI Beat Clock Sync. This new approach synchronizes the Infinity’s audio sample rate directly to incoming MIDI Beat Clock. This firmware is intended to be used with a MIDI clock source that is not changing tempo. Full Vari-Speed functionality via MIDI  note or CC, Expression […]

New Verison Infinity Looper Application

MIDI Sync firmware update beta will be posted shortly (hopefully 4/7/2014)… check back soon. — obviously, this firmware update is taking way longer than anticipated. we apologize. for now, feel free to download these alternate firmware versions: vari-speed beta code we showed at NAMM. note: this vari-speed build does not address the minimum loop time […]

Firmware variations

Hi everyone, we’re cranking away on another firmware update, but in the meantime I though it would be cool to make a few alternate versions available. So here they are: This one turns x6 sync mode into x16. Keep in mind you can always close early to change the sync value, so x16 is […]

Major Firmware Update for Infinity Looper Announced – Reverse Playback and Phil Keaggy Updates

Pigtronix is proud to announce a major new, free firmware update for the Infinity Looper pedal.To install the update, run the firmware update function from the Infinity Looper Application or grab it from here: New features included in this update are: Reverse Playback Rec –> Overdub –> Play Trails and Fade STOP override Instant Clear […]