Take Me To The Pilot


TMTTP mean business, past tour dates include
opening for established acts like Fefe Dobson,
These Kids Wear Crowns and Stereos. TMTTP is
showing no signs of slowing down on their way
to the top, a desire fuelled by bot h ambition and
an overwhelming passion for their craft.
“We don’t just want people to listen. We want
them to care,” Bilenki asserts. “Anybody can hear
a song but if it can affect you on a level where it
stirs somethin g up, that’s when it’ s t ruly
powerful. Fifty people will listen to one song and
hear a million different things. If the son g
connect s with all of them on any level, then
through that song, those fifty people ultimately
become the same person . Moments like that are
why we do what we do and that’s what Take Me
To The Pilot is all about.

TMTTP is Canadian and Proud!