Secrets of the Sky


Secrets of the Sky was formed in Oakland, CA back in 2010. In 2012, the band recorded what was to be their debut full length, To Sail Black Waters. Though the album wasn’t officially released until October of 2013, the band played numerous local shows with bands such as Black Cobra, Saviours, Torche, and KEN mode.

Upon releasing their debut album, Secrets of the Sky embarked on a series of regional tours, playing 40 or so shows in 10 states over a six month time period. To Sail Black Waters was well received by the metal press, landing on over a dozen “Best Of 2013” year end lists, including Decibel Magazine (#16), (#2 and #4), Metal Insider, Metal Injection, Teeth of the Divine, etc.

At the beginning of 2014, Secrets of the Sky put together two new tracks for a vinyl/cassette only release entitled GH/0ST:S, a split LP with Tucson, AZ’s Godhunter. The vinyl version is set to drop on Sept. 9th, 2014 via The Compound Records/Battleground Records.

Currently, the band are preparing to record their sophomore full length in November of 2014, right after several October festival appearances, including LuciFest In Salt Lake City, UT and Southwest Terror Fest in Tucson, AZ, playing alongside such bands as Neurosis, Sunn (((0))), Pelican, -16-, Goatsnake, Primitive Man, The Atlas Moth, etc.

Fans of modern doom and black metal can expect an early 2015 release of the new album, followed by a full US tour and possibly more.

Guitarist Clayton Bartholomew says “I have been using the Pigtronix Echolution 2 and Quantum pedals for a few months now, and have evicted the other delay, vibrato and chorus pedals from my board. The Pigtronix stuff just sounds so much better.”

Bassist Ryan Healy says “the pedals are now part of my permanent set up and I couldn’t be happier with how they sound.  Honestly, both pedals have legitimately helped me re-shape my tone. The Bass Fat Drive has finally given me the extra dirtiness and grittiness I’ve been looking for without taking away my low end. That’s always been a huge issue for me but the Fat Drive has solved that problem. The Bass Philosopher pedal gives me huge sustain, it’s a night and day difference from before I was using it.  I also get much more even clarity and punch from all my notes which I didn’t have before I threw the compressor into the mix. The Philosopher pedal will be especially helpful when we start recording in a few weeks.  So I’m definitely pleased with both of my pedals, they really have made a noticeable difference in my tone.”