Saul Zonana

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Saul Zonana is a guitarist and bassist working out of Nashville, TN. This guy is a wizard at creating unique tones with his arsenal of pedals.

“I’m in the studio working on my TENTH solo cd and it seems that with every new recording, I plug into a new pedal made by Pigtronix, and I have to have it.Talk about musical!! It’s so obvious to me that the owner/inventor Dave Koltai is a guitar player with a similar mindset as mine. (That’s probably not a good thing for Dave). The bottom line is that he makes analog pedals that are always a bit “outside of the box” and create interesting new sounds. Some are based off of common effects, but they always stretch WAY further and are way more flexible with CV ins and outs. Others are innovations that can’t be compared to anything else. My current favorites are the Philosopher King, Mother Ship and Key Master. The Philosopher King is a combination compressor, sustainer, distortion and modulation pedal. A must hear! Go to their site and check out their arsenal of OUTSTANDING pedals. Most of which can be heard on my latest album, PHATSO.”

Saul Zonana


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