Roey Haviv


To hear him play “Alien Way” is Sublime and he shows on every track the way a Bassist can Shine while supporting the song perfectly.”  Ephie Lowinger – The Elephants.

“Roey Haviv’s ability to be a “Chameleon” bassist, adapting to his surroundings, recreating sounds and styles that suit any music effortlessly – is only second to his ability to create new sounds and use the bass guitar in new and fascinating ways.” Itzik Cohen – NYC Session Drummer.

At the age of 17 I already played to crowds of >80,000 people in Israeli festivals, as a part of the “Ayn orchestra” and as a freelance bass player.

Today I’m based in Charlotte NC, after years in NYC with “Days like months”, “The Elephants” and “Great white oblivion”, I now play with the 2nd Drink Band – A very successful dance band with outstanding reviews and with Michael Tracy, an original Rock&Roll/Blues artist out of Seattle WA.

In addition to that I always continue to work backing many artists and having side projects like experimental jazz electronica with Charlotte’s top DJs and musicians adding to a busy schedule of 180-200 shows a year.
Rarely one goes by without musicians in the audience asking me about my technique and gear.

Like my mentor, teacher and friend Yossi Fine (David Bowie, Lou reed, Stanley Jordan…) I happily endorse Vigier guitars.
My main instrument is a one of a kind Vigier Passion bass prototype originally tailored to (and used by) Alphonso Johnson – bassist for Carlos Santana, Weather Report and many more – It is a very versatile 5 string bass with outstanding tone shaping capabilities from vintage/classic through modern to its own unique voice.