REVOCATION have spent the last eight years converting fans to their cause with four full-length albums, an EP with Scion AV, and a charismatic live show led by guitarist/vocalist Dave Davidson. The Boston-based band also features the staggeringly talented lineup of: Dan Gargiulo on guitar, Brett Bamberger on bass, and Phil Dubois on drums. REVOCATION has firmly been established as one of the genre’s finest and will continue their campaign as part of the Metal Blade Records roster. Their fifth album, “Deathless,” is a fitting debut for the label, and a definitive statement of intent from the band.

Dave Davidson says: “I’ve had a blast dialing in sounds with a variety of Pigtronix pedals and everything I’ve tried has sounded great! Pigtronix truly make some killer stuff!”

Dan Gargiulo says: “The Echolution 2 is probably my favorite pedal I’ve ever used, and I barely scratched the surface of its capabilities. Interestingly, the other night I saw a band play and the guy used an old Deluxe Memory Man. The modulation he got out of it was so sweet, I wished I had the pedal. When I turned on the Echolution 2 I was able to get that sound almost instantly. So killer.”

photo by Jeremy Saffer