Oz Chiri

Blue Embrace


Osvaldo Humberto Antonio “Oz” Chiri  is an Argentinean guitarist best known as the founder of progressive hard rock group Blue Embrace as well as the Band Angeles y Demonios in Argentina and Solve and Coagula in the USA.

Oz started learning music at the age of 12 with his Grandmother Amalia Guillermina Aurora Iraola de Diaz, whom was a piano and guitar Teacher. After years of learning music and guitar theory he started playing in Several Hard Rock Bands in the Argentine music underground. Being in one of his Successful bands Angeles & Demonios (Angels & Demons) which recorded several Lp’s and played live in several famous venues in the Buenos Aires music Scene. In 1998 he wanted to further pursue his musical career and moved to Hollywood, California playing in several bands as a hired musician. He formed 2 projects, his first one named Solve and Coagula trying to mix medieval rhythms along with powerful hard rock instrumental music.