La Ley

La Ley

Beto Cuevas, Pedro Frugone and Mauricio Clavería are not new names for Latin music fans: the story of the power-trio is defined in a way as the ‘soundtrack’ of the lives of millions of boys and girls, of those who grew up listening to their songsfull blast on the radio.

It is impossible to think of Latin America’s rock n roll without devoting one of the greatest chapters to LA LEY. Since founded in Chile, in 1987, the band revolutionized the structured concepts of the southern country rock scene, and moved faster on their sound journey, creating a distinctive and melodious musical language, as well as strong aesthetics, which today it unmistakably seals within the group’s performance.

In over two decades, 10 albums plus dozens of awards have been received –including a Grammy Award® (2000, Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album) and two Latin Grammy Awards®– (2002, Best Rock Album, and in 2004,Libertad, Best Rock Album / MTV Unplugged), as well as more than 4.000.000 (four million) units sold.

The following certifications have been received over the years for their successful sales history:
Doble​ Opuesto​​: 3x Platinum ​​​Chile
La Ley ​​​Oro: Platinum​​​ Chile
Invisible​​​: 3x Platinum​​​ Chile, 2x Platinum ​​​Mexico
Vertigo​​​: Platinum​​​ Chile, ​​​​Platinum​​​ Mexico
Uno​​​​: Platinum​​​ Chile, ​​​​Platinum​​​ Mexico, ​​​​Gold/Platinum ​​USA
Libertad​​​: Gold​​​​ Argentina, ​​​​Gold​​​​ Chile
MTV Unplugged​​: 3x Platinum​​​ Argentina, ​​​​3x Platinum ​​​Chile, ​​​​3x Platinum​​​ Mexico, ​​​​Gold and Platinum​​ USA, ​​​​Platinum​​​ Centro America, ​​​​Gold ​​​​Ecuador, ​​​​Gold​​​​ Colombia, ​​​​Gold​​​​ Venezuela, ​​​​Gold​​​​ Uruguay

In 2005, the group announced that they would take a recess, and after the dissolution, each member launched independent projects. However, in late 2013, Beto Cuevas announced on his Twitter account the comeback of the band. A presentation in the 2014 Festival de Viña del Mar, brings the members back together again.

……And this is the beginning of a new era for La Ley. Currently the band is focused in preparing and extensive concert tour through México and the United States.