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Glazz – Javier Ruibal
Jose Recacha is a young Spanish guitarist, composer, session musician
and record producer. He has worked and performed with artists and
bands from his country such as Javier Ruibal, Alba Molina, Vicky Luna,
Tito Alcedo, Jorge Pardo, Pepe Begines, Los Cucas...
His music draws from many styles: Blues and Jazz, mixed with flamenco
and classical education. All tied together with a very personal
approach, always searching for innovation and paying tribute to past
Since 2008, he's a member of Glazz, a band that has already released
two albums and has played all over Europe, Japan, the Near East... For
their third studio album, Jose is looking for more analog and flexible
sounds. That’s why he fell in love with Pigtronix pedals.

Jose Recacha uses Disnortion - Echolution – Mothership