Jonathan Moody


Jonathan Moody wears a lot of hats in the music industry, literally and figuratively. No matter the variety of venue or job description, Jon’s work ethic and attention to detail are cohesive factors. As a musician, Jon is a veteran of the Southwest Michigan theatre circuit, bringing a musical voice that’s rooted in a wide variety of styles. When he’s not under the stage, Jon can be found backing up singer/songwriters, cabaret performers and the like, in genres as varied as kirtan, taize, folk, funk, rock, and soul.

Jon is a regular contributor to online resources Bass Musician Magazine and Seymour Duncan, focusing on the various aspects of musicianship, on and off the bandstand. He has been featured on such websites as Bass Musician Magazine, No Treble and NS Design, as well as one of the musicians for the 2012 “Are You Next?” campaign from Notion Music. In addition, as the Assistant Manager of Marketing and Social Media at GHS Strings, Jon is online, talking with artists, users and artists.

Currently residing in Kalamazoo, Jon is a freelance musician in the West Michigan area, still playing for whoever asks first. Jon can be heard at Unity Church of Kalamazoo every Sunday, supporting regional folk act Patricia Pettinga on ukulele and string bass, or at any of the theatres in town depending on their season. His spare time includes drinking coffee, staying in his wife’s good graces and playing with his two kids. 

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