Iván Valdés

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Iván Valdés Uses:

He bought his first guitar at the age of 8. He started his guitar Studies at the Creative Music School of Madrid. In 1987 started to study classical guitar taking private lessons with Hugo Cagnolo. Soon after that he joined the Royal Conservatoire of Madrid under Demetrio Ballesteros tuition.

During his clasical studies he attended some international courses and seminars with Manuel Estévez, José Tomás or David Russell. On his first performance as classical guitarrrist he is awarded a grant at the Martin Codax International Competition. His classical studies include analitic harmony, chamber music, music history, accompaniment at the Arturo Soria Conservatoire and composition, 20th Century harmony and counterpoint with the prestigious spanish Composer Jesus Torres.


Ivan has attended several International Courses:

– Centre International de Formation Musicale with Martin Mastik (Nice),

– Guitar Institute of Technology with Scott Henderson, Steve Trovatto… (Los Angeles),

– Stick seminar (Milán) with Jim Lampi, Bob Cultberson, Greg Howard and Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel).


Very soon he feels attracted to jazz music and starts to study privatedly modern harmony and arranging with Miguel Ángel Collado, jazz guitar with Dan Rochlis and modal and fretless improvisation with David Fiuczinsky (SHT, Berklee College of Music)


As a live musician he has performed or recorded with a great variety of artists which include:

Yoio Cuesta, Prímital, Suilma Aali-Taleb, Susana Ruiz, BMV (Barrueta Merlo, Valdés), Tony Brunet, Monkfish, Tony Remy (Annie Lennox), Lisa Stanfield, Merche Corisco, Marta Sánchez…his band Monkfish, opened twice for Scraming Headless Torsos, during their European Tour.


He is currently on tour with Najwa Nimri.