Greg Tobler

greg tobler

Emmy Award winning audio professional Greg Tobler provides customized solutions to every project worldwide. He has spent the last 20 years working closely with many of the worlds largest artists, brands, sports franchises, and venues to provide quality audio. Working in music, film, TV, advertising, VR, sports, events, and installations collectively have given him a unique skill set, depth of knowledge, and most importantly experience. This audio diversity has set him in his own category of audio engineer. Drawing on his various experiences and varied clients, he is distinguished in the ability to provide innovative audio solutions to the ever changing and evolving world of production. This brings a elevated and unique value to clients.

Greg has lent his talents recently to The Pope, Paul Simon, Bruno Mars, The Avett Brothers, the US Tennis Open, NY Mets, HBO, Audi, BMW, and Mission Impossible 5. He has traveled around the world for several documentary films providing location audio services and has seen those films through the audio post process for final delivery. He is currently based out of Stamford CT.