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David Obuchowski is the guitar player for the new wave meets post-metal meets post-punk band, Publicist UK (Relapse Records), which also features fellow Pigtronix artist, Brett Bamberger (also the bass player of Revocation). Additionally, David is the guitar player and singer of Goes Cube (The End Records, Coextinction Recordings), as well as Distant Correspondent (Hot Congress Records, Old Flame Records). By acquiring the Pigtronix Fat Drive, David’s 25-year long search for the perfect distortion pedal finally came to an end.

I’ve had the Fat Drive for less than a week, and it’s already made an impact. Yesterday, I got an early for mix for one of the songs on our upcoming album. The lead guitars weren’t working. So I gave the producer a call and let him know I wanted to change them and re-record them here in my small home studio. Since we’re officially done tracking and into mixing, it needed to be done very quickly. I didn’t have the time or resources to test a ton of different pedals or amps. So, I used the Fat Drive, and it more than got the job done. Within minutes, I was able to dial in the perfect distortion, and I was almost immediately retracking leads. This is the distortion I’ve been wanting for years; this is the sound. Given how heavily distortion plays into my guitar sound, the Fat Drive is now among my most crucial pieces of gear, and I’m very happy it’s on the record.


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