Daniel Escortell



Daniel Escortell Uses:

‘I just needed 5 minutes to realise that these are the best and more versatile pedals I’ve ever used. The sounds I can get with them inspires me to find new ways of composing and develop ideas and concepts.’

Daniel Escortell. Spain, 1984. Bassist since he was 15, it’s known around Cádiz as a experimented and open-mind musician who is always searching for new sounds and performing arts. Formed at the ‘University of Cadiz Jazz School’, is founder of the Jazz-Progressive Rock trio Glazz (2005), a band that also plays with Javier Ruibal, a well recognized artist who mixes latin with jazz and arabic melodies with flamenco.

He also plays in few tribute bands ,from Eric Clapton to Red Hot Chili Peppers or Tom Waits . With Glazz he has recorded three studio albums (Let’s Glazz in 2008, Cirquelectric in 2011 and a upcoming Live EP) and had performed at festivals and venues all around the globe.

Since his first band, Daniel applies his knowledge in video edition and his love to concept albums to his bands performances, specially with Glazz ,turning their shows in a different experience.