Cockeyed Optimist

cockeyed optimist

To be unknown in this day and age is the kiss of death. With social networking populating most of our online activities, anyone can have their 15 minutes. Amongst the hoard is Cockeyed Optimist, the dynamic rock band from Orange County, CA. Together they create music heavy in sound and subject matter; based on the realities of life. “We’re all about honesty,” says singer Cynda Renae. “I am not about to fake something just to get by.”

Formed in 2007, the band was brought together through pain and tragedy. Within months of her move to Los Angeles, Cynda was kidnapped at gunpoint and raped. She found no comfort in the legal proceedings or law enforcement officials; it was through writing music that she not only survived but thrived. Enlisting the help of guitarist Sean Pierce Johnson, the two began writing music for CEO’s first EP, Undocumented. It was with the addition of bassist Eric Feliciano that the group set out to spread their message: “Through the darkness, hope emerges.”

And now the band brings the world a fresh dose of reality with the release of their new EP, All That You Were. “This EP was inspired directly by our lives since Undocumented,” said Sean. “Every up and down can be found in these songs.” The EP’s title track and lead single exposes the harsh reality of Hollywood; one that is a far cry from the glitz and glamour shoved down our throats day in and day out. The song’s music video, completely funded and filmed by the band, has already grabbed widespread attention on their YouTube page and is continuing to make waves everyday.

With the release of All That You Were set for August 28, the band is setting its sights on bringing their message to a wider audience. CEO is currently booking a national tour that will take them from their home base in OC to the far corners of the United States.