Black Bear Tribe


Black Bear Tribe is a high-voltage rock quartet out of NYC. Formed in 2012, members Jason Kraft (vocals), Sam Perry (Guitar), Matt Cincotta (Bass) and Andrew Nesbitt (Drums) aim to bring the heavy and groovy sounds of 70’s rock back to the masses. In 2015, the band won Guitar World Magazine’s Big Break Rock Song competition for their single “Crime of the Century” and were featured in the December issue. The band’s Crime of the Century EP also made Heavy Planet’s top albums of 2015 list. Here’s what they had to say: “Big fuzz, deep honey sound, great rock vocals, bluesy vibe, beautifully crafted melodies… there’s a lot to love about this band.” If you think Rock is dead maybe its time to Join the Tribe.

Sam Perry says: “From the finest compression in the industry to thick overdrive to lush and far out modulation, my pedal board starts and ends with Pigtronix! Whenever I need inspiration for a new Black Bear Tribe tune Pigtronix is the first place I look.”