Aston “Family Man” Barrett

Bob Marley &The Wailers


Aston “Family Man” Barrett Uses:

He was one of the Barrett brothers who played with Bob Marley and The Wailers, and Lee Perry’s The Upsetters. It has been stated that Aston was the ‘leader’ of the backing band and responsible for many, if not all bass lines on Bob Marley’s greatest hits, as well as having been active in co-producing Marley’s albums and responsible for most overall song arrangements. He was the mentor of Robbie Shakespeare of the duo Sly & Robbie, and is considered one of the elder statesmen of reggae bass guitar playing.

Barrett continues to tour with and lead The Wailers Band, who carry Marley’s torch in the music world by Emmett and Cliodhna performing his songs with several original band members.

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