Abe Ruiz

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Abe Ruiz Uses:

Abe Ruiz started his musical journey at the age of 8 and hasn’t stopped since. As a self-taught guitar player, Abe never wanted to be limited. “I’d listen to anything and everything from rock, blues, disco, R&B, classical and country.  After I’d listen to different genres of music, I’d try to play it.  Being self-taught and unable to read standard music, you have to develop a connection.  A connection from your ears to your fingers.  I still love learning and challenging myself today.”

Abe has played in many bands through the years. He played in a popular cover band from Jersey called the Benjamins, and also had a great experience to audition for Tommy Lee’s Method of Mayhem Tour.  “Cover bands are always fun and being a hired gun for someone else’s music is always cool.  But there is no better feeling for a musician than to be part of a band where you can write and contribute to a song with other creative people.  Write it, record it, and take it to the stage.  There’s nothing more rewarding for a musician.”

Abe always has a guitar in his hands.  When he’s not with his band, Abe loves teaching others that have the same enthusiasm he still has for the guitar.  Abe says, “it’s an indescribable feeling to take a sound in your head and hear it through the guitar.”  Abe is considered a “players player”.  You will often see guitarists from other bands at gigs standing in front of Abe to watch him play.  Besides other players, music companies’ have also taken notice of Abe.  Abe gets hired to demonstrate products at tradeshows to show the audience the full potential of the gear he is demonstrating.  “Playing the guitar is truly a gift I love to share.”