Born on date: Aug 11, 1978

Hometown: NY

Favorite Pigtronix Pedal: Philosopher’s Tone

Musical Influences: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rush, The Doors, Peter Frampton, Pearl Jam, U2, Ghinzu

Current Band: Aqua Cherry

Main guitar – 1978 Fender strat

Pedals – My pedals tend to change every few months or so, it is always a work in process, but this is my current setup. Philosopher’s Tone, Envelope Phaser, Silver Machine Wah and Class A Boost are my staples, never really change those. Always experimenting with different delays and distortions. For distortion I have the Creamsicle (modified Polysaturator), FAT Drive and the Tommy Bolin BSM Fuzz-Booster. The big silver three banger in the center is a custom switcher that controls effects loop on/off, rack on/off, and fast slow speed for Dynacord in rack. I currently have the Phaser, Carbon Copy Delay, and Class A Boost in the effects loop so that I can turn on all three at once.











Rack Gear – In my rack I have a Dynacord (vintage leslie speaker effect), Korg SDD-3000 Digital Delay, Monster Power Filter and a patch bay. Patch bay allows me to run the rack effects in mono or stereo.









Amp – A Zinky Blue Velvet is my main amp for playing out (or a pair of Blue Velvets).

Best Concert Ever: Pink Floyd at Giant Stadium when I was 12. Went home, bought a guitar, and spent the next 5 years learning every David Gilmour solo that existed.

Favorite Pigtronix Artists: Peter Frampton, Frank Marino

Pigtronix Highlight: We have a room at Pigtronix with a drum set and all sorts of guitar, bass and keyboard gear. All of us are obsessed with gear and experimenting with different setups and different sounds, so there are stacks of amplifiers and cabinets lining the walls that are constantly being hooked up in different combinations with effects. Dave is obsessed with vintage keyboards, synths and rack effects. He doesn’t even really play keys, just loves finding all this exotic gear and modding it out to see if it can be made to sound different or better. Every once in a while we have company jam sessions, and the unwritten rule is that no one is allowed to play their main instrument. You have all this crazy modded out gear to sculpt sound with and rather than just playing the patterns and idioms that everyone is used to hearing, you are forced to listen to what others are doing and create something musical around that. I love those moments when all of us come together on a groove that no one knew existed before, and it just sounds amazing. Those are my favorite Pigtronix moments.