Infinity Firmware Update 210

Infinity Firmware Update 210

 The easiest way to update your Infinity is to connect it to your computer via USB, run the Pigtronix-Infinity application, Select “Tools->Update Firmware” from the menu bar, Left-Click the “Automatic” button, close the application, disconnect the Infinity from your computer, and then Power Cycle the Infinity while holding “INPUT SPLIT.

The Infinity Looper 2.0 firmware file can be downloaded for manual install here

The Windows application has been modified and can be retrieved by running the “UpdateApplication.bat” script in the PC folder of the Infinity’s USB drive.  Further directions on updating the application can be found here.

The Mac OSX application has been updated and can the new installer can be downloaded from here.  Download and run the installer.  On newer versions of Mac OSX it will be necessary to Ctrl + Click the installer to get the necessary installation permissions.

Release Notes:

Can now Fade loops out over multiple loop cycles.  In the FADE stop mode, stopping a loop will steadily decrease the volume of the audio until the end of the current loop cycle.  This can now be configured to fade over multiple loop cycles by increasing the Fade Length.

  • Pressing and holding the STOP MODE and SYNC MULTI switches will enter the Fade Length Menu.  An “F” will appear on the 7-segment display and alternately show a digit corresponding to the current Fade Length.  The default, end at the end of the current loop, is 1.  Every number above that adds an additional cycle of Fade Out.
  • This setting can also be set Per Preset (including the Blank Canvas), from the Infinity Application in the Fade Length section.

Instantly ERASE the Unarmed Loop using an additional Reverse Remote Switch mapping.  This can be set from the Infinity Application’s “Tools->Global Boot Settings.”

New settings for Ignoring MIDI Clock received at the MIDI In port. This can be set from the Infinity Application’s “Tools->Global Boot Settings.”

Numerous small technical fixes.


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