Pigtronix Infinity 2.0 Official Release: Build 202

Pigtronix Infinity 2.0 Official Release: Build 202

Infinity Looper is officially out of BETA. The 2.0 firmware is rock solid and contains numerous new features that have been requested by Pigtronix customers around the world!

The easiest way to update your Infinity is to connect it to your computer via USB, run the Pigtronix-Infinity application, Select “Tools->Update Firmware” from the menu bar, Left-Click the “Automatic” button, close the application, disconnect the Infinity from your computer, and then Power Cycle the Infinity while holding “INPUT SPLIT.

The Infinity Looper 2.0 firmware file can be downloaded for manual install here

The Windows application has been modified and can be retrieved by running the “UpdateApplication.bat” script in the PC folder of the Infinity’s USB drive.  Further directions on updating the application can be found here.

The Mac OSX application has been updated and can the new installer can be downloaded from here.  Download and run the installer.  On newer versions of Mac OSX it will be necessary to Ctrl + Click the installer to get the necessary installation permissions.

Release Notes:

Fixed issues that could cause the Infinity to crash if left running for more than 3 hours.

In Sync’d modes, Loop 1 can now be erased and re-recorded to its previous length.  When re-recording Loop 1, it will automatically close at it’s previous length: maintaining synchronization with Loop 2.

Added Double-tap instant Overdubs to Sync’d Parallel, Series, and Fade / Trails modes.  When a loop is waiting to begin playback, pressing that loop’s footswitch again will cause the loop to enter overdub mode when it begins playback.

Added Per Preset Default Sample-Rate.  Using the Infinity Application, users can now select a default sample-rate for each preset (48 kHz, 24 kHz, 12 kHz).  Whenever a preset is loaded, or both loops are erased, the Infinity will reset to the selected default sample-rate.  This allows users to record loops, alter their timing / pitch using Varispeed, and after erasing everything, instantly be at a known sample-rate.

Added support for Extended Multiplier selections via Infinity Application and MIDI CC 82.  Using the Infinity Application, or a MIDI CC, the multiplier can be set to any value from 1-127.  When set to values other than indicated (x1, x2, x3, x4, and x6), all Multiplier LEDs will illuminate to indicate that a custom multiplier is selected.  When a custom Multiplier is set, pressing the Sync Multi switch will move to the closest non-custom setting (x1, x2, x3, x4, or x6).  To set a custom Multiplier, send the desired Multiplier value on MIDI CC 82, or set it using the Infinity Application by selecting “Custom” and entering the desired multiplier in the box.

Added Global Boot Option for Overdub Synchronization.  With Overdub Synchronization enabled:

  • If no MIDI Clock is applied, Overdubs will only open and close on Loop Boundaries.
  • If MIDI Clock is applied, Overdubs will only open and close on the downbeat of measures as set by the Time Signature Setting.

This setting can be enabled using the Infinity Application’s “Tools->Global Boot Options” and selecting “Sync OD to MIDI / Loop Boundaries.”

This setting can also be toggled using the Infinity’s Boot Option system.  When the Infinity powers up, it will display the setting of Overdub Synchronization on the 5 Sync Multi LEDs; these will be illuminated if Overdub Synchronization is enabled.  To toggle this setting, press and hold the Sync Multi Switch while the Infinity powers up.

MIDI Time Signature Support.  The Time Signature of a provided MIDI Clock can now be sent using MIDI.  This feature allows Beat Buddy users (and users of any device that supports the sending of Time Signature), to dynamically adjust and then save the Time Signature of the Infinity.  This has been explicitly tested with the latest Beat Buddy firmware.  When the Beat Buddy changes songs, it will send a new Time Signature to the Infinity.

Reverse buttons (MIDI and Remote) now toggle the reverse request.  Previously the Reverse could only be cancelled by pressing the UNDO switch.

Fade and Trail stop modes now save currently open overdubs.  Previously leaving an overdub open when a Fade or Trail stops a loop

Changed behavior of Overdub: If an overdub is closed and undone in a single cycle, attempting to open an overdub will wait until the next loop cycle before actually opening the overdub.

When transitioning between Loops in Series, pressing stop will now stop playback correctly.  Arm stop cancels the transition.  All stop cancels the transition and stops the currently playing loop via it’s selected stop mode.

Fixed an issue that caused All Erase to not work when MIDI Clock was applied.

Fixed LED Flickering when used with MIDI.



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