Infinity 2.0 Release Candidate 4: Build 156

Infinity 2.0 Release Candidate 4: Build 156

Here is the firmware for the Infinity Looper 2.0 Release Candidate 4.

Global MIDI Settings for Beat Buddy: MIDI Start Plays and MIDI Stop Active.  Combined with the previously added MIDI Start Records, all aspects of the Infinity’s response to MIDI Start and Stop commands can now be customized.

  • MIDI Start Play enables playback of recorded audio when a MIDI Start is received.  This Playback begins according to Arm/All and Parallel/Series settings.
  • MIDI Stop Active enables instantly halting all playback/recording when a MIDI Stop is received.  This stops both loops instantly, regardless of Full/Trail/Fade and Arm/All settings.
  • The defaults for the Infinity are MIDI Start Rec=Disabled, MIDI Start Plays = Enabled, MIDI Stop Active = Enabled.

Infinity Looper can be reformatted on boot up. New menu allows the user to select the number of presets / maximum loop time: 

  • Pressing and holding the SERIES LOOPS switch while the Infinity boots (directly after the firmware version number displays) will enter a Reformatting Menu (indicated by a lower-case ‘r’).
  • In this menu, users can select the number of presets to format the Infinity with, in increments of 10: 1=10, 2=20, 3=30 etc.
  • Once the desired number of presets is shown:
    • Pressing on the Preset Encoder or the SERIES LOOPS switch will confirm the selection, reformat the Infinity, and reboot.
    • Pressing the STOP footswitch will cancel the re-formatting and exit the menu.

Infinity Looper now has MIDI Channel Selection menu to display and change the current MIDI channel assignment:

  • Pressing and holding the STOP MODE switch while the Infinity boots (directly after the firmware version number displays) will enter a MIDI Channel Selection Menu (indicated by an Upper-case ‘C’).
  • In this menu, users can select which MIDI Channel the Infinity listens to.  The possible MIDI Channels are 1-16 with tens indicated by an illuminated decimal point: 9=9, 0.=10, 1.=11, etc.
  • Once the desired MIDI Channel is shown:
    • Pressing on the Preset Encoder or the STOP MODE switch will confirm the selection, save the MIDI Channel, and finish booting.
    • Pressing the STOP footswitch will cancel, exiting the menu without making any changes.

Quickly changing presets via MIDI is now more stable.  MIDI requests for preset change are now ignored while a preset is currently loading.  Once that preset finishes, only the most recent preset change is processed.

MIDI SysEx message handling has been optimized.  

MIDI CC implementations for all the soft-switches (STOP MODE, INPUT SPLIT, SERIES LOOPS, etc) are fixed.

Changes to Varispeed setting via Pitch Up/Down/Center made before recording audio are now saved.


 The easiest way to update your Infinity is to connect it to your computer via USB, run the Pigtronix-Infinity application, Select “Tools->Update Firmware” from the menu bar, Left-Click the “Automatic” button, close the application, disconnect the Infinity from your computer, and then Power Cycle the Infinity while holding “INPUT SPLIT.

This update includes additional Global MIDI settings accessible via the application.  The Windows application has been modified and can be retrieved by running the “UpdateApplication.bat” script in the PC folder of the Infinity’s USB drive.  Further directions on updating the application can be found here.

The Mac OSX application will be released early next week.  The Previous application will continue to work with this firmware without the ability to change MIDI Start Plays or MIDI Stop Active settings.

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