Guitar World gives Rototron its Gold Award

Guitar World gives Rototron its Gold Award

Guitar World took Rototron for a spin and decided it deserved their esteemed GOLD AWARD.

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A lot of pedals—from phasers and vibes to so-called rotary effects—approximate the sounds of a rotating speaker cabinet, but it’s rare that one can nail the sound, performance and quirks of the genuine Leslie cabinets used to great effect on recordings by the Beatles, Peter Frampton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and many others. The Pigtronix Rototron is the latest contender, and it comes much closer to the authentic experience of playing through a Leslie cabinet than any stomp box yet.

Most rotating speaker pedals sound good, but I don’t know of any that perform as close to a genuine Leslie as the Rototron. The overall effect is thick, warm and chewy, with an unmistakable combination of phase shifting, chorus and tremolo that replicates the true Doppler effect of a rotating speaker. The ramp and brake effects are the coolest, and they expand the pedal’s creative potential beyond the usual swirling and gurgling underwater sounds. The rotating speaker effect sounds dead perfect and uncannily threedimensional when each output is connected to a separate amp. All that’s missing is the squeak of a poorly lubricated motor.

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