Infinity 2.0 Release Candidate 2: Build 152

Infinity 2.0 Release Candidate 2: Build 152

Here is the firmware for the Infinity Looper 2.0 Release Candidate 2.

The Updated Applications can be found here (PCMac).

Instructions for updating the firmware and applications are located here.


Complete Beat Buddy support has been thoroughly tested and fixed where necessary.  All incidental delayed behavior has been removed and the Infinity’s currently armed loop can be set to record (if it has no recorded audio) when a MIDI Start is received.  This setting is under “Tools->Global Boot Settings->MIDI Start Records.”

-An issue caused by starting the MIDI Clock at the same time a MIDI Start is sent has been fixed.  NOTE: To accurately track all MIDI Clocks, the Infinity requires MIDI Clock signals to be present for up-to 1-minute, without changes, before accuracy is guaranteed; starting recording via MIDI Start as soon as the MIDI Clock is enabled can result in degraded synchronization performance.

-Issues with UNDO/REDO and Overdubs in Series Mode with the Trail and Fade Stop Modes have been fixed.

Trail and Fade modes now react to Double-Tap Full-Stops.

Additional Wear-Leveling has been added.  The Infinity now randomizes the location of Blank Canvas on start-up (where possible) to increase the life of SD Cards and significantly increase stability.

Color-Blind LED indication has been disabled by default in this build.  It can be re-enabled using the Infinity Application.  This setting is located in “Tools->Global Boot Settings->Color Blind Mode.”

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