Echolution 2 Build 78

Echolution 2 Build 78

Click Here to Download the latest firmware for your Pigtronix Echolution 2 and Echolution 2 Deluxe.

New Features:

  • Maximum delay level has doubled. The Mix Knob can make the delay 6dB louder at the maximum setting.
  • Adjustable Filter Cutoff Frequency for the default filter, LP filter, and Tape filter.  Each preset can have different settings for each of the 3 filters.
    • To Change the corner frequency of the currently enabled filter, Press and hold both the Filter Selection and Bypass Selection Soft Switches, and then turn the Speed knob.  Immediately after updating your Echolution 2 the filters will be set to the finely tuned defaults: Default = Fully CW, LP = 11 O’Clock, Tape = 9 O’Clock.  Any changes made to these settings can be saved to the current Preset using the Preset Encoder.
    • To change the corner frequency of the currently enabled filter using MIDI, send the desired (0-127) value on MIDI CC #74
  • Global Tap option sticky flag.  With Global Tap enabled, the delay time will not be loaded when changing presets.
    • To toggle the Global Tap setting, press and hold the TAP footswitch while the Echolution 2 is powering up.
    • NOTE!: The Remote Switch assignment sticky has moved to the ENGAGE Footswitch!
  • The Echolution 2 now copies ALL data from MIDI In to MIDI Out.  If a MIDI Clock is present on MIDI In, it is copied to MIDI Out.  If no MIDI Clock is Present on MIDI In, the Echolution 2 will output its own MIDI Clock on MIDI Out.
  • Ignore the Incoming MIDI Clock option sticky flag has been added.  This can be used to control multiple Echolution 2’s via MIDI CC’s but allow them to have different delay lengths.
    • To toggle the IgnoreMIDIClock setting, press and hold the Expression Assignment Selection (EXP) while the Echolution 2 is powering up.
  • Changes have been made to the Echolution 2’s Power up procedure:
    • The Echolution 2 will now display “-” while it initializes itself, when this is done it will display the current firmware version number in a sequence of three digits.  For this firmware you will see “0->7->8”.
    • While the Infinity is displaying the current firmware version number it will also display the current settings of each sticky flag
      • Global Tap is displayed on the TAP LED:
        • Not Lit = Global Tap is disabled
        • Lit = Global Tap is enabled
      • The Remote Switch setting is displayed on the ENGAGE LED:
        • Not Lit = The Remote Switch controls Jump/Freeze
        • Lit =The Remote Switch controls Preset selection
      • The setting to Ignore Input MIDI Clock is displayed on the 5 Expression Selection LEDs
        • Not Lit = MIDI Clock is NOT Ignored
        • Lit = MIDI Clock is Ignored
  • 2 new special values have been added to the Engage MIDI Controls.  These new values explicitly assign the current Engage State
    • MIDI CC #27 Value of 3 explicitly sets the Echolution 2 to Engaged
    • MIDI CC #27 Value of 4 explicitly sets the Echolution 2 to NOT Engaged

Bug Fixes from previous versions:

  • Tap Tempo, Engage, Jump and Freeze MIDI Controls have been fixed and now correctly allow a value of 1 to trigger a short press in ALL cases
  • Jump and Freeze are now ignored if the Delay Range is set to NO DELAY (If the Delay is turned off using the Delay Time Soft Switch).  This prevents the Echolution 2 from staying in the Jump or Freeze state until the Delay is turned back on.

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