Rototron wins Guitar Player Editors’ Pick Award

Rototron wins Guitar Player Editors’ Pick Award


Guitar Player magazine has given Rototron its Editors’ Pick award in the October 2014 issue.

Here’s an excerpt: “The Rototron sounds superb through a single amp, and utterly divine through two. It captures that multi-dimensional rotary speaker sound extremely accurately, while being capable of some trippy and ethereal sounds when you get creative with the knobs. The Rototron’s tone is rich and lush throughout its range, and the control parameters offer sky’s-the-limit flexibility that behooves much exploration… for tone, flexibility, and sheer inventiveness, the Rototron earns an Editors’ Pick Award.”

Read the full review here: RototronGPReview

For more information on Rototron (including audio and video), visit the Rototron product page.

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