Infinity Build 143: New Features and MIDI Bug Fixes

Infinity Build 143: New Features and MIDI Bug Fixes

You can find build 143 here and directions for updating the Infinity’s firmware and applications here.

This update is the first feature-complete firmware update.  In this update we’ve resolved the final remaining issues with MIDI Synchronization, added support for changes to the Default Blank Canvas settings, and more…

This update is the final feature update for the Infinity Firmware.  We will stay in BETA while customers report any remaining issues and while we prepare even more documentation.  Following this final BETA stage, we will release the Official Infinity 2.0 firmware.  Thanks for working with us throughout this process.

List of NEW Features:

In Series Mode, when using the Fade Stop Mode, switching between loops no longer causes the current loop to fade.  When a loop is stopped using the Stop Footswitch the loop will fade out as it does currently.

– Infinity now accepts MIDI Program Change messages to change presets.  This can be disabled in the Application by going to Global Boot Settings and unchecking the “Accept Program Change” check box. The MIDI Song Select Command can still be used to change presets.

The default Blank Canvas settings can now be changed using the updated application.  To change the settings simply select the Blank Canvas from the Preset List and make the necessary changes.  Audio still cannot be loaded to, or saved from, the Blank Canvas.

-We’ve added MIDI support for the alternate Remote Options (Stutter, Erase, Erase+Rec) and Expression Pedal Mappings (Aging, Varispeed).

  • Stutter: MIDI CC# 48, Values 1-127 trigger
  • Erase: MIDI CC# 49, Values 1-127 trigger
  • Erase+Rec: MIDI CC# 50, Values 1-127 trigger
  • Varispeed: MIDI CC# 3, 0-127
  • Exp: MIDI CC#4, 0-127
  • Aging: MIDI CC# 9, 0-127

MIDI Bug Fixes:

– All remaining issues with MIDI should be resolved.  In particular:

  • Using Varispeed with MIDI no longer causes incorrect pitch changes on playback.
  • Auto Zero Record has had 24kHz re-enabled by default.
  • Fast Tracking has been enabled.
  • MIDI Start no longer causes MIDI Timing glitches.
  • MIDI Sync in Series Trail/Fade modes no longer experience occasional glitches that caused delayed actions.
  • Changed implementation of Reverse and Undo MIDI CCs to allow Remote-like control that can enter AND exit Varispeed etc.  These CCs do obey Stutter, Erase, or Erase+Rec settings.

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