Infinity 2.0 Release Candidate: Build 150

Infinity 2.0 Release Candidate: Build 150

Here is the firmware for the Infinity Looper 2.0 Release Candidate.

The updated applications can be found here (PC, Mac).

Instructions for updating the firmware and applications are located here.

Here is the final manual. PLEASE read it.


-New MIDI CCs for Incrementing or Decrementing the currently selected preset

  • Decrement Preset (MIDI CC #85, >=64 decrements)
  • Increment Preset (MIDI CC #86,  >=64 increments)

-Sync’d Series Mode can now close loops early while remaining sync’d (as Parallel Mode does)

-Close Base Layer->Overdub via the Undo Footswitch now also respects early loop closures in Sync’d Modes.

-Loop Volume EXP Mapping and behavior of the Loop Volume Knobs has been fixed

-Preset Encoder long holds no longer change with sample-rate

-A few small bugs with Pitch Intervals, MIDI Program Changes, and MIDI Song Select have been fixed.


Both applications have received numerous bug fixes related to saving and loading audio and Set saving/loading.

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