Here is a BETA version of the long awaited Infinity Looper massive firmware update:

Please SAVE YOUR LOOPS NOW as this complete firmware overhaul will BLOW AWAY all of the pre-recorded material on your machine.

New features include:

Active MIDI Sync

10ms Minimum Loop Time

50 Presets (100 loops)

Vari-Speed mode w/ Remote Control ~ (hold down REVERSE to enter varispeed remote control)

Tap Tempo Sync Mode ~ (hold down Loop 1 on power up / AUTOzero MIDI beat counter when you hit record)

MONO Mixdown ~ (hold down Loop 2 on power up / mono mix of both loops)

Stutter Mode ~ (hold down STOP on power up / reverse becomes stutter)

Complete MIDI ControlĀ ~ (documentation coming tomorrow)

LED indication for the Colorblind

LEDs blink on loop cycle


This code is a BETA. It is not perfect. Saving very short loops does not work. We will be posting another update, along with a new version of the Infinity Looper application within the next few days.

A new (better) version of the manual with complete description of all new features will be published here tomorrow.

Dave Koltai