Echolution 2 Firmware Update

Echolution 2 Firmware Update

Click Here for Echolution 2 Firmware Ver. 71

New Features:

* Taps “teleport” when loading presets. This is helpful for seamless transitions between vastly different sounds.

* Switching in and out of TAPE mode is now silent

* Holding down rotary switch during boot sets MIDI channel.

* MIDI Bug that would see other MIDI channel’s data has been fixed.

* MIDI BEAT CLOCK output divider removed – This feature is essential for using E2’s tap tempo to control the Pigtronix Infinity Looper. 

This Echolution 2 firmware, combined with the Infinity Looper 2.0 firmware represents the complete realization of the musically synchronized echo, modulation, filter and looping system we set out to create. Enjoy!

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