Infinity Looper FIRMWARE UPDATE #119 – New Features and Application

Click Here to download the latest Infinity Looper FIRMWARE update. This is build #119. New features include:

Using SERIES Loops with TRAILS or FADE turned on, hitting UNDO during a cued transition between loops will erase the pending loop and cause it to start recording a fresh loop at the transition… ENDLESS LOOP CREATION! (Thanks Jasper)

Expression pedal control is now more flexible, allowing you to map any function to the expression pedal (VARISPEED / VOLUME / LOOP AGING). For now this must be done through the Infinity Looper Application (pictured below).





This functionality allows the user to maintain expression pedal control of their desired parameter, regardless of the remote switch status. The EXP menu selects the expression pedal assignment during normal operation. The VarEXP menu selects the expression pedal assignment when the remote switch is controlling varispeed.  EXP and VarEXP can also be set to different values, giving you the most expression pedal flexibility including varispeed control simultaneous with reverse and undo.  We are still working on refining the expression pedal behavior so that it remembers your last position when moving in and out of Varispeed remote control. A future update will include this refinement as well as an on-board EXP mapping menu similar to the Loop Aging menu.

Click Here to download the latest Infinity Looper APPLICATION (PC Only for now). This new version of the application will allow you to choose the latest  BETA using the AUTOMATIC UPDATE function. Click the LOAD BETA box as shown below.